Poem story: What hurts more than lonely

( This is an opinion, not a general description… somehow)

It’s a four letter word, pain is to describe

Since I was three, I never knew that it exist

Then l turned eight, had to relate with it

Finally turned ten, knew what’s like to feel pain

Little and gently, did I start to be afraid

When they started to move out, oh did I first cry

Tried to stay in touch, but my mum said “no” to phone

Not that it matters now, cause I prefer lonely

Am sorry to stay a freak, but at least am not in pain

Cause when friends are around,you know its for a while

What scary, is when you are around it hurts the most

Whats not there to understand, just leave me alone

Not going through the same trauma, it’s what that matters

So please don’t knock, I just want to be alone

If something comes up, there is a song that will help me

And if that sounds lonely, that is what I was going for

I thank all the artists, for only music won’t let me go

All are special, for they are all unique

One to rise me up, one to make me dance

One to relate to, one I can hear you scream

One for the haters and also for the idiots

You all give a reason, to say am not alone

Kelsha Munuhe(04-19),

Thank you.

Poem: Should I…

(This is an opinion, not a general description,… somehow)

To put it simple, its just about taking chances

We don’t lie matters about us, thus choose to think

The in or out way, has two parallel guides away

Recreate or stay the same, pick then wait

‘Should I’ is something with no infinite answer

No how to think before responding, just get smart

Choosing it, means you left others unchosen

We can’t pick all, that’s what makes a decision

Fear not, for they will approach the unchosen

Later all ask, what if I chose a different one

Not all smile to you’re in joy, neither do you to

Knowledge, comes from eternally differences

Then emotions and wisdom, created ‘it’

The downfall rose, finally we began to ask

Aren’t we the ones, who create the loop

My opinion, I shouldn’t intervene

But even so, haven’t I already chosen

What I ask is simple, should l…

Opinions are special, beautiful flaws

At the end, it’s just a question with no answer

Kelsha Munuhe(02-19)

Thank you

Short story: Its perfect.

(This is a fictional story not reality… most of it)

Aza was a blessed child for from the moment she was born. It didn’t come as a shock that her music career would be a success. At her teens, she won over millions of fans then soon afterwards the world knew her songs by heart. Obviously some hated her but not for voice or money, it’s cause of her perfection. Aza always did her best to stay perfect. She neither had scandals nor public breakdown. Some hated while others further praised her every time she sang. All in all, they both agreed that it was unnatural.

Aza only had one code that made her stay as calm as possible to the pubic eye,’Just don’t’ break. All the negative emotions she had, she would cancel it by staying quiet. Her quiet approach changed once she saved a “extra \ special” cat on the streets after one of her concerts. She didn’t mind keeping it for in fact, she found it to be funny. Even though the cat was three – legged and had half an ear, it was still as playful as a regular cat. Personally, she loved it because it was proud of its flaws. Everyone inside her management thought it would be a good idea to keep it so that she could relate her feelings more, but I stood by in pain for I knew she won’t keep her act straight for much longer.

Oh how I wish I took it to the shelter once I saw it been thrown away!

Sadly the time came,Aza woke up one morning and found it gone. After six years, the cat passed on. She was attached to it more than her fans for she related with it more. She would clench over it when she was feeling low but now… she was alone once more. Surprisingly, she didn’t moan even for a second and what’s more, she kept a secret from us. Once I figured it out, I advised her to take a break from her tour but she replied

I was taught by my fame that I have nothing to complain. I will give my fans and haters every positive thing I have and more if need be. They call me the perfect tune the world has ever seen and I tend to keep it that way. If I would flinch, I will give them a reason to put me down and that is why I will always stay true to my own code ‘ Just don’t break'”.

Her emotions grew worse and I seemed to be only one feeling it as well. During that time, she didn’t take anything harmful into her body, nor do something that would scar her but instead, kept quiet. Seen her been driven insane by grief yet still manage to keep her cool to the pubic was…. As someone who once lived with her, I felt that enough was enough. It took more time to set it just right, but it was worth than spending the rest of my life watching her in pain. Once it was set and done, her concert was ready.

Neither the management nor Aza knew what would go down thus once they saw it, they were both speechless. The concert wasn’t meant for the fans but for Aza. Whats more, they all brought in their own pets to the concert. A line was formed as they each greeted Aza and got her autograph. She noticed how much healthier their pets were unlike her cat, which made it more difficult to stare and stay. Once that part was done, the fans further went on to sing her one of her loved songs. For the first time in history, Aza burst into tiers in front of her fans. Once she was calm,she took her microphone and said,

Thank you all for your support for now I see what’s going on. I never knew you did any of these which I imagine that was planned for but am sure my mother didn’t tell you why you had to do this. I lost my pet cat three weeks ago due to old age. It had three legs and half of its left ear was missing. I didn’t mind its flaws for you see, it didn’t either. Once it passed away, I didn’t know how to contain myself properly other than to stay quiet. For the past twenty two years, never have I ever felt to scream in life. Jealousy drove me crazy thus it made me realise what a hypocrite and bad role model I am. Hearing you sing my all time favorite song, made me see that no matter the state, we will all grief at some point which isn’t bad, its kind. Sometimes been imperfect, is perfect. To you all of you here and around the world as well, thank you for been with me”.

Kelsha’s extra:001\19,

Thank you.

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